Ambulante is the largest documentary film festival in Mexico. Its mission is to support and promote documentary film as a tool for social and cultural change. In 2017, the festival went through a complete overhaul of their digital presence.


UX, Content, Creative and Social Strategy, Product Management

I worked with Sandra Dávila, my partner in the project, to re-envision most of the elements of this new direction on two fronts: Ambulante’s main website and the connection with audiences via social platforms and newsletters.

Information architecture reorganization

Migrating and restructuring existing content was a priority, so I designed a sitemap to accommodate the new taxonomy and verticals.

Ambulante is involved in several educational and political initiatives beyond the festival itself, so one of the biggest challenges was to create a content hierarchy to deliver information according to the timing of the year, the location and the profiles of the users.

Modular Content

A longer discovery phase allowed us to define these elements and ultimately envision a flexible framework of modules to adapt to the complex requirements of the audience.

Social media consolidation

Communication with the audiences was a critical element of the project, particularly during the time of the festival to notify updates and changes. Ambulante’s social presence was extremely fragmented, so one the main goals was to consolidate their accounts. I created a tool to download and audit their existing social activity and we delivered a set of guidelines for content and style to unify editorial tone, post frequency and graphic identity across social platforms.

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